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PointInsight® Application System Requirements
The following are the system requirements for the PointInsight® Application:

Browsers supported:
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+
 Mozilla Firefox 2+
Google Chrome 2+
Operating Systems supported
 Microsoft Windows 2003
 Microsoft Windows NT/2000
 Microsoft Windows XP2
 Enterprise Linux 4.x
 Sun Solaris 8/9
 Java VM with JDK 1.4 support or better
 Java and JavaScript must be enabled by the user
Minimum Server Hardware requirements
 Min Intel Pentium class processor (233 MHz or faster)
 Depending upon the scalability(i.e. number of PointInsight® Application users) min memory (RAM)     should be consider:
  For 200 or less Application Users - 256MB RAM to 512MB RAM
For 200 to 500 Application Users - 512MB RAM to 1GB RAM
For more than 500 Application Users - 1GB RAM; its proportionally scalable
 Min Hard disk space 2GB (Varies depending on attachments and its size)
Application Servers / Web Servers supported
 Any dynamic web application server, such as Microsoft IIS, Apache; J2EE-based servers including     Apache-Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, JBoss, Glassfish etc. on all popular Operating Systems.
 Depending upon the scalability (i.e. number of PointInsight® Application users) J2EE-based servers     can be consider:
  For 200 or less Application Users - Tomcat (Shareware/Freeware)
For more than 200 Application Users - BEA WebLogic / IBM Websphere / Glassfish / Red Hat JBoss Application Server
Databases Supported
 MS SQL 2000
 MS SQL 2005
 Oracle 8i
 Oracle 9i
 Oracle 10g

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