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Web Project Management
Create your own hierarchy to depict your organization. PointInsight has the capability to define an unlimited number of levels within your hierarchy. You can add a single or several entities, create multiple divisions for unlimited customers and divide projects into sub-projects – the flexible system structure allows you to relate issues to all levels.

Keep up to date with your top issues and tasks. The Dashboard allows users to execute all open transactions directly from one screen. It helps to keep the user informed about the pulse of the organization and where the focus of the manager should be. The Dashboard will list any items that require action from the user including issues to be approved, issues to be resolved, action items assigned and high risk issues. Dashboard metrics can be viewed in a multiple graphical views as well as HTML.

Project Management
Track timelines and progress across multiple issues by project.

Task Management
Assign defined tasks to team members using Action Items. Tasks or Actions can be tracked and managed directly from user’s dashboard.

Manage pre-defined help desk processes by assigning approvals and actions for completion. Define your own approvers and advisors by project or issue. Assign rule-based approvals.

Active Directory Integration
Import all user information from your existing active directory. Avoid duplication and minimize maintenance of user administration.

Issues that are unresolved for an extended period can be escalated by authorized individuals. The escalation process management is customizable and can be defined as needed for review, rework and resolution.

Link Issues
Define a new connection or associate existing similar issues together through the linkage feature. The linked related issues can be searched and viewed through reports.

The issues or action items can be defined as milestones. These milestones track the completion of major deliverables and allow the team to manage them directly from their dashboard.

Recurring Issue
Submit maintenance issues or administrative tasks that reoccur routinely. Scheduling options include daily, weekly, monthly, annually.

Multiple Locations
PointInsight is a Web based application. The application can be easily access from any where.
Offer team members a centralized web-portal from any where. No installation or downloads required.

Teams are a group of selected users who are assigned to issues. The team member’s work together to help the issue through its resolution and can be in multiple locations, internationally. Teams have pre-defined roles which allow the users to have control of issues over projects across the organization, across the nation, across international borders.

Action Items
Often the resolution of an issue will require that tasks be assigned to the various team members. PointInsight enables the user to make those assignments for that issue. The action items will show up on the Dashboard of the person to whom the task has been assigned.

Announce a private message to your internal users or customer users before they log in or on their home page. System messages or announcements can be scheduled and broadcasted to selected user profiles.

Restrict Users
Users can be restricted to single or multiple levels of your hierarchy. This added security feature prevents vendors and customers from accessing internal information unintentionally.

Restricted Views
The hierarchy levels, issues and comments can be restricted and made private to limit the view to only selected users.

Store issues into a repository for future reference. Archived projects and issues can be restored at any time.

Adjust issue ownership and create co-manager assignments based on users availability. Assign issues to one or multiple owners based the level of accountability you want to see.

Issue Types
Classify your issues into categories or groups. You can view and sort reports by each criteria

Manage the life cycle of an issue through mandatory standardized fields. Pre-defined resolution fields enable consistency in tracking the solution by the team.

PointInsight allows user to create a project and issue library. Documents can be attached to the project and issue for reference by the team. There is no limit to the number of files or the size of attachments. Documents that are downloaded, viewed and reattached will have a version number attached to help track the revisions.
Time Zone
Flexibility to adjust time zone preference based on user’s current location.

Select pre-defined field criteria to minimize the time it takes to add new issues and tasks.

User Groups
An unlimited number of public or private user groups can be formed. User groups can be selected when creating teams at each level of the organization hierarchy.

Tool Tips
Define helpful tool-tips for users through out the application. The tool tip is a short description providing detailed information about the specific field.

E-mail Alerts
Schedule your own email notifications for issues and tasks reminders. Keep issue owners, team members and customers informed through customizable emails.

Sharing comments in PointInsight enables instantaneous communication among issue owners, team members, managers, approvers and advisors. Users can select to send comments publicly or privately

Easily accessible calendaring feature available for all date fields at the project, issue and task level. Preview your Outlook calendar from within PointInsight to schedule issue due dates and risk dates.

Configurable System Options
 Configure your Dashboard layout, default home screen, logo and email notifications.
 Customize fields using your own company’s terminology and process flow
 Manage issue fields visibility and mandatory settings by project
 Pre-populate values for fields and define defaults
 Define your issue template by project
 Extensive user security settings
 Set system-wide user email preferences as required or optional

Users’ My Preferences
 Available to users from any where at any time, PointInsight web-based capabilities allow users to    access the application without any downloads and system requirements.
 With defined user roles and permissions, each user has access to their own repository of private and    public issues and reports.

Reporting Capabilities
 PointInsight allows you to slice and dice the information in the database in any way you need to or    prefer to do.
 Issue reports have extensive criteria that can be narrowed down; from keyword searches to grouping    capabilities – all category fields can be searched to filter search results.
 Users can opt to search for issues under specific inactive projects or across all inactive projects from    the Issue Search tab.
 Public and private queries can be saved for future searches. Users will have the ability to modify their    existing queries and save using the same query name. This will save time in updating user’s query    criteria
 Ad-hoc report writer allows users to create and share customized formats and queries to fit specific    requirements.
 Interactive results let users to edit, delete, comment, resolve, copy, move, reopen, escalate, archive    and view attachments. All pertinent information related to each issue is accessible from a    comprehensive issue report.
 Report results can be printed, exported into MSWord, MSExcel, PDF or emailed to users and     non- users.

Reporting Capabilities
Allows external users to submit concerns and support requests via email directly into the application. Automatically converts emails from external users into concerns which can be used to create an issue or be linked to an existing issue.

Outlook Integration Module
Syncs data into MS Outlook providing user’s with quick access to important issue dates.
Issue’s due date and risk date are entered into team member’s Outlook Calendar.
Action item target dates are populated in user’s Outlook task list.
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