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Healthcare Provider Drives Customer Satisfaction by improving Issue Management across Multiple Project sites

“Our new Issue Management system provides a comprehensive method of tracking deployment of our technology across our customer base”

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Over 50,000 healthcare facilities and physician practices rely on Provider to help them enhance the safety, quality, and efficiency of their operations and provide high quality care to their patients.

Provider is a significant distributor of pharmaceuticals in the United States today. Provider also applies their distribution, sourcing and logistics capabilities to furnish healthcare providers with branded and Provider private label medical surgical supplies, equipment and related services.

Provider has one of the largest IT footprints in healthcare, with a long history of software and services solutions that help healthcare providers perform better and produce better outcomes for patients.
Business Process Software

Provider has hundreds of projects implementing numerous products across a wide and diverse customer base. Each customer may have many product implementations in process. To be able to manage a diverse and spread-out project environment, it was imperative to have the tools to address critical challenges

In order to address the above business challenges three critical factors must be addressed.

1) Consistency and Standardization:
 Given the large number of service delivery teams, greater consistency in their ability to manage     issues at the customer locations was an imperative.
 Given the broad scope and complexity of implementations, standardization of the methodology to     report and address issues was the first requirement.
2) Real Time Visibility at the Global Level + Project Level:
  To be able to identify systemic or global problems, it was essential to provide consolidated     information at the decision making level i.e. the ability to identify similar issues across projects and     issues that impacted multiple projects.
 Equally important at the local level is the ability to identify specific projects and issues that required     attention or critical matters.
3) Streamlining of the Issue Management Process for Faster Resolution:
 Assigning responsibility to project members as well as members of the organization external to    project teams
 Retaining accountability by tracking progress, action taken and planned steps
Cases studies- Health Care Services
PointInsight is a collaborative, e-mail based issue management system which is easily customized for small to enterprise level organizations. It offers a unique approach for issue management and the enhancement of business processes. Through structured and streamlined functionality, PointInsight offers companies a collaborative and communicative teamware application with true business visibility.

Enterprises have spent millions on software solutions that span the spectrum from process automation to communication interaction. But, at the end of the day, most companies find they still are not getting the job done well. Enterprise applications developers have focused solely on automating transactional processes and have neglected the human component of the business process. For non-transactional process aspects like issue management, people interact and collaborate via e-mail, which is unstructured and disconnected from the business systems.

Pi bridges the gap between these two worlds of structured and unstructured business processes, delivering everything users need to resolve issues expediently and avoid crises.
Consistency of Project Management Approach with Customers:
 Achieved a uniformly high standard of issue management and resolution across the organization.
 Established the ability to select all issues related to any particular attribute across all projects in the    organization. For example, management can quickly review all issues that have arisen within the test    phase of all their implementations. This gives management the ability to decipher problematic patterns    and proactively modify situations that cause issues.
Obtained the ability to look at all issues related to a particular product across the organization. For     example, management can quickly review all issues related to a product and version across all     projects. This gives management the visibility to recurring issues that can be corrected in future     versions.
Visibility into Customer Projects:
 Significant reduction in the time it takes to obtain high visibility to issues at the individual project    manager level, thereby assisting in quick issue resolution.
 Significant reduction in the time it takes for executive management to obtain high visibility to ailing    projects resulting in appropriate corrective action.
Active repository of information specific to McKesson thus enabling key metrics and appropriate    corrective action
Streamlining the Issue Management Process for Quick Issue Resolution
 Enhanced communication between the project team members.
 Enhanced accountability
Proper visibility to all issues
Daily recognition of open, overdue and critical issues that require attention
 Easy assignment of action items to responsible team members
 Highlighting of high risk and critical issues.
 Faster resolution of issues
In summary, PointInsight has delivered impressive benefits with its web based, zero footprint and easy-to-use functionality. PointInsight has significantly altered the issue management process throughout The Company’s organization leading to higher communication, lower costs, and better implementations.

"Our new Issue Management system provides a comprehensive method of tracking deployment of our technology to our customer base. Immediate escalation can be initiated while maintaining the conversational threads of corrective actions.

Customer wide and product wide risks and exposure can be assessed with drill down capabilities. The extremely valuable data in Pi provides management with actionable reports. It gives us visibility to the real time information of critical projects that we need to run the business.”

Director of Services Process Improvement
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