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Alaska’s Oil & Energy Company seeks PointInsight to provide collaborative workspace environment for its portfolio of capital projects.

About PointInsight
The Company is a subsidiary of the third-largest integrated Energy Corporation in the United States, based on market capitalization, oil and natural gas reserves. The Company is known worldwide for its technological expertise in reservoir management and exploration, 3-D Seismic technology, high-grade petroleum coke upgrading and sulphur removal.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Energy Corporation has operations in more than 30 countries and more than 30,000 employees working worldwide to consistently deliver top performance and value and to maintain the company’s global market position. The subsidiary company is well-known as Alaska’s No. 1 Oil Producer, Gas Producer and Explorer.
The Company has multiple forms for tracking and managing developing issues; Excel spreadsheets, Sharepoint issues tracking spreadsheets, an RFI system, Sharepoint action item logs, MSOutlook task lists and information transfer via email. The need for an issue management system stemmed from the requirement to ensure that engineering deliverables (drawings, calculations, etc.) are reviewed by the right people at the right time, that those deliverables are approved based on the review comments and that the review comments are tracked through resolution. The database requirements included simple and intuitive user interface which can be accessed anytime, anywhere by all stake-holders.

The issue review and approval process is focused on getting discrete design deliverables to assigned reviewers so that comments can be incorporated into the design process in real time.

1) Identification: The process starts by identifying the deliverables to be produced by the engineering companies for a given phase of a project.

2) Collaboration: Based on the type of deliverable, individual reviewers are assigned to review and address each item. The ability to provide consolidated information to the team in a centralized location is a key requirement.

3) Automated Communication: Approver(s) and advisors are also assigned to approve the deliverable and to ensure the comments, when resolved, will result in an acceptable product. This would ensure that no further changes are envisioned beyond that point in time.

4) Accountability & Visibility: The features of a database such as sorting and reporting were beyond what can be adequately accomplished with a spreadsheet.
Issue Management Solutions
PointInsight is designed to deliver the power to effectively manage issues. It gave the Company an issue management tool that provided the ability to establish a collaborative e-mail based workspace.

The PointInsight software was able to accommodate all of the Company’s requirements for hierarchical project management. The ability to create reports based on the hierarchical criteria has been a boon to the project management group. Sorting issues by various requirements, monitoring progress of issues, and eliminating the management of the various project lists (word docs, spreadsheets, email, etc.) by utilizing a central “source of truth” concept is enabling the Company to manage their projects efficiently.
Issue Identification
 Allows issues to be tagged and indexed that can further be cross referenced, searched and shared.
 Provide instant business intelligence to decision makers. Ability to present the information in    graphical view and time lines.
 Team members can share information from the front lines and the issue managers can sift and    analyze the wealth of information.
Collaborative Workspace
 Gives the ability to access your workspace anytime from anywhere.
 Enables real-time collaboration in a corporate environment – across external and internal    departments, geographies.
 Issues get delivered to every member’s dashboard, yet tracked and archived centrally.
 Provided threaded communication trails that log every exchange, comment and the latest status.
Track, Monitor & Control
 Helps assign, monitor, control and steer through the complexities of issue management
 Powerful reporting capability that consolidate information across the enterprise with graphical views
 Daily recognition of open, overdue high risk critical issues that require attention
 Allows project managers to establish transparent accountability and responsibility structures within     the organization

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