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As a global leader in providing mission critical business environments, the Company designs, builds, and manages IT solutions for businesses and governments who have no room for error. The Company has a deep understanding of high-volume, transaction-intensive, secure computing and can deliver operational efficiencies, reduced complexity and increased productivity to its customers.

The Company manages data centers, critical applications, and supports end users of some of the largest public and private entities. Their combined expertise includes, consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure, and server technology
Business Issue in IT Service
The company was using multiple applications each with its own database elements to address day to day tasks related to software product development, bug/defect tracking, help desk ticketing and support maintenance.

The Company was looking for a solution that stored centrally all the problems and tasks that stemmed from their core business operational projects. The Company also required a scalable solution that would respond to their growing global needs. A leadership team was established to assess the various concerns arising from using fragmented solutions that have tremendous negative impacts at all stages of the project management process.

1) Scalable & Customizable: A solution that would automatically grow in response to their increasing demands and could be configured to work with existing processes. In addition, it can provide automated structure for creating and managing standardized processes.

2) Visibility: A solution to track key performance indicators on every team member’s dashboard, enabling a collaborative workspace environment. The system would be able to report on the impact to the project’s scope, schedule, quality and deliverables.

3) Knowledge Management: A solution that maintains an online knowledge base that helps the key team members share resources and business intelligence among themselves.

4) Feasibility: A solution that is economically feasible and cost effective to implement across all departments at a national level. The system would provide the required issue management features and benefits based on each area’s specific business requirements and needs.
Case Studies - Result
The PointInsight Issue Management platform provided the Company with a flexible and customizable framework for developing their own internal issue management process. The core capabilities of PointInsight include approvals, notifications, email integration, dashboard views and executive reporting that highlights the impact levels on key
 Reporting: The Company implemented a highly secure issue management solution that supports the    increasing demands of IT department, help desk and support operations. Graphical views, audit trails    and extensive reporting provide the necessary details to track issues by type, category and user    defined fields across all departments.
 Scalable & Customizable: The Company implemented an application that is configurable to    manage the constant growing needs of the IT teams. The PointInsight platform can be tailored to    incorporate the organization’s unique business requirements.
Reduced Costs & Higher Efficiency: The solution offered high ROI allowing the leadership team to    coordinate actions and responsibilities for all IT project issues. The issues were monitored for    accuracy and completeness, improving overall profitability.
Business Intelligence: PointInsight provides cross project, cross organization enterprise information    with user friendly documentation and customizable workflow. The ability to provide consolidated    real-time analytics directly to team member’s personalized dashboard 24x7 reduced overall    implementation time and costs.

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